The OPC-Proxy Project

The OPC-Proxy is a set of libraries aimed to facilitate communication between the industial autonomation world and big data tools. It is a gateway to put in comunication a network/server that speaks the OPC protocol with a network that supports a variety of other protocols. The supported protocols/services to date are: gRPC, Kafka and InfluxDB.

This Proxy was developed to allow full duplex comunication between an OPC-server and any of its clients, one of the main features is that it support an RPC-style type of communication, so that to allow reads and writes to and from an OPC-server.

This tool uses quite a few opensource libraries, we are gratefull to the opc-foundation, the lite-DB, the Confluent-platform, the gRPC framework, whitout which it would have been impossible to reach this result.

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